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Mako Khan
L’Araboutique® is a British natural skincare and haircare brand that was established in 2018. Their products are handmade in their workshop in Buckinghamshire using exquisite Arabian ingredients, inspired by Saudi Arabian heritage. The brand was founded by the first practicing female homeopath in Saudi Arabia, whose knowledge spans over 20 years and incorporates natural medicine practices and history. L’Araboutique® takes pride in working with nature, and they source their ingredients from small local family businesses in villages, mountains, and deserts, who grow high-quality natural and organic products. The brand values the art and dedication of passionate individuals who grow make and sell their products. All L’Araboutique® products are free of harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, fair-trade, natural, eco-friendly, halal, and vegan-friendly. The brand is UK/EU and Saudi FDA tested, approved, and certified, and their workshop is ISO 22716 certified. They are the first and only natural skincare and haircare brand that makes unique products with Zamzam water from Saudi Arabia’s holiest city Makkah. L’Araboutique® believes that what you apply to your skin should nourish and nurture your body from within. They also place great importance on reviving traditions and supporting local farmers.